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debbie wasserman schultz responds tonight. plus, senator barbara boxer on her new plan for national polling place standards. and a new poll shows half of all republicans think the defunct group a.c.o.r.n. stole the election from president obama. >> that's an eye opener. >> i wonder where they ever got that idea? >> you just have to wait and see what happens. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. here is are the latest. republicans are at a stalemate with the white house for debt negotiations. republicans really only have two options now, bad and worse. "the new york times" is the latest outlet to report on senior republican leaders who are ready to strike a deal. they want to push off negotiations until the debt ceiling vote next year. president obama won't have it. the president is attacking the only leverage republicans have left. the president spoke to a group of ceos today and said that he will not negotiate if debt ceiling is going to be used as a hostage. >> i have to just tell you, that is a bad strategy for america, it is a bad strategy for your b
students. barbara boxer announced the save our schools act. >> is it not part of the national defense to make sure our children are safe? >> barbara boxer proposed a second bill that calls for more funding for school security programs. >> the shooting at sandy hook elementary school is a reminder we failed our children, over and over and over again. we have failed at the most basic task of keeping them safe. >> the school safety act would pay for things like tip lines, and secured entrances at schools. >>> a new survey shows 5 u.s. states are well prepared to respond to a public health emergency, they scored 8-10. california scored a 7. it looked at ability to respond to bio terrorist threats. 29 states cut funds, only two states met the goal. >>> serving people of oakland but now they are being evicted. i will explain coming up. >> the public utilities commission is supposed to protect you from utilies misspending your money -- utilities misspending your money but they are misspending your money, the revolution ahead. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed inter
's power play. senator barbara boxer of california joins me on that. >>> plus, it's the gop's worst nightmare come true. here comes elizabeth warren on the banking committee. this is about to get interesting. you're watchinging "politicsnation" on msnbc. >> this isn't good. friends of mitt romney are saying that he's bored now. that he's no longer running for president. though not as bored as the rest of us were when he was running for president. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. but they have to use special care in keeping the denture clean. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident is designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's
realm. milton and i were in the former category. i was working for barbara boxer at the time and milton who you grew up in politics was involved with friends of the urban forest and a leader in many ways but had only recently moved back to san francisco after years on the east coast to help care for his ailing father and spend more time with family among other things, so participating in this program was a way for him to start the next chapter of his life back in san francisco to build new friendships, and to reconnect with the local community. i think it's fair to say that he was view as the older statesman of the group. not because of his age. there were many other similar people his age but because of his sage like quality. milton was a wise soul and every one recognized it and benefits from it. soon after the program ended both he and i joined the board of the democratic jewish club and milton became president the following year. just two years after having moved back to san francisco, but more than any shared any in politics the bond that we had, and that i saw him
. and governor barbara boxer says, this touches us all so deeply. and it is long past time that we enacted sensible gun laws and school safety legislation. >>> whenever there's a tragedy like this the debate over gun control heats up. coming up in less than 10 minutes a look at this case and california laws when it comes to guns. >> we want to know go live to newton connecticut, maribel aber is there. it's a little after 9:00 in the evening. it's been a long and difficult day. maribel can you giver -- give us an idea of what's happening in the community right now. >> hi gasia and ken. >> reporter: it's definitely a somber mood right now. if you don't know newtown is about an hour away from new york city. and to paint the picture here i mean it's an idealic town. behind me is trees. it's like being in a little utopia. driving in here, it's a scenic scene with nobody on the roads except media. we passed by a church where there's a vigil right now. it's eerie, somber. lots of parents talking about the shock and the horrificness about this event. >> reporter: can you tell us in your talking w
will discuss the plan during a white house press conference today. >>> also just hours from now senator barbara boxer will introduce new legislation to increase security at school. you recall 20 children and six adults were killed last friday. the gunman also took his life. the new legislation would provide state and local officials with new resources to strengthen security on school campuses. >>> house democrats want to ban gun magazines. the bill would magazines containing more than ten rounds of ammunition and outlaw the transfer, possession, of high capacity mags going forward. the bill is getting support following the connecticut tragedy. >>> we have new information about what may have motivated the 20-year-old gunman in connecticut who also killed his mother before that shooting rampage. a long-time resident tells fox news that the gunman was very angry after learning that his mother was taking steps to have him committed to a psychiatric facility. meantime the fbi is trying to salvage the hard drive of the computer taken from the gunman's home but investigators says it appears he smashed
. this -- barbara boxer has called a news conference. she will be talking about new legislation she will be introducing to toughen security at schools. we're watching it live. this is where it will happen. ktvu will monitor it and we'll let you know what she has to say when she says it. >>> more funerals are planned today for victims of the connecticut schoal scooting. so far, the -- school shooting. three more children will be buried today. people will pay their respects to vick -- vicki soto. she will be buried today. >>> and meantime, we've learned that sandy hook elementary students are not expected to resume classes until january at an empty school building a nearby town. there's also new information about the gunman. there are reports his mother could no longer handle him and he became upset after learning she was taking steps to have him committed to a psychiatric facility. this morning, the chief medical examiner in connecticut says he's searching for any genetic clues that could help explain his behavior. apparently, he had little contact except for his mother and he stoppe
barbara boxer also introduced legislation today called the save our schools act. >> the bill would make funding available to deploy national guard troops at schools. it would allow state governors to determine whether the troops are needed and how they would be used at schools. >>> today is the third day of funerals in a connecticut town that continues to mourn the tragic shooting. vicker to yosoto -- vicker to yosoto is being -- victoria soto is being buried today. family members are saying goodbye to five other innocent lives including 7-year-old daniel barwin. he was a first grader on the swimming and soccer teams. there's new information about the gunman. there are reports his mother could longer handle him and he became upset after learning she was taking steps to have him committed to a psychiatric facility. the chief medical examiner said he's searching for any genetic clues that could help explain the shooter's behavior and the l.a. times reports that he stopped speaking to his father and brother in 2010. >>> the bay area continues to show support for victims an families in the
way. barbara boxer said the national guard should be deployed. >> to where. >> to schools across the country. >> that's ridiculous. you can't live your life that way. you would be in a prison. >> reporter: after a decade of battling this issue, the mayor says the tide may be turning. are we at the tipping point right now? >> i hope so but you never know. if the 20 young, 6 and 7-year-olds isn't a good example, i don't know what is. we are killing 34 people in this country every single day. >> reporter: michael bloomberg. >>> ahead from the aurora movie theater to the classrooms of virginia tech, what do those who lost the most have to say? ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette you celebrate a little win. nicorette gum helps calm your cravings and makes you less irritable. quit one cigarette at a time. a delicious new way to get essential vitamins you need. just bite into the tasty shell... to a chewy vitamin core for a unique multivitamin sensation! new centrum flavor burst. >>> the names themselves carry the echo of tragedy. aurora, colorado, oak creek, wis
failed our children. >> reporter: today, senator barbara boxer is suggesting a different route beefing up school security. >> what it would do, it would help schools use the existing program to provide schools with more resources to install tip lines, surveillance equipment, secured entrances, metal detectors and other important safety measures. >> i think it's a wonderful idea that the federal is looking to expand funding for school security. >> reporter: ken trump says after the columbine shootings in 199, security was also a priority then. since, he says, funding has dropped off. he points out that teachers at sandy hook elementary actually have lockdown training and the school had a surveillance system at the front door. while it didn't stop the shooter, it did delay him. >> it is extremely tough to look at sandy hook and believe that the security systems and the training weren't -- they certainly didn't have the desired outcome of saving people but the outcome could have been two, three, four times worse had they not had the measures that they did in place. >> reporter: senator boxer
barbara boxer will introduce new legislation to making schools safer. it's response to the tragedy in connecticut where the 20 children and six adults were shot. her new bill would provide state and local officials with new resources to strengthen security on school campuses. also house democrats want a bill banning assault gun magazines. brought up for a vote this week. now in just about 90 minutes from now they will be holding a news conference calling for the passage of that bill. it would ban gun magazines containing more than ten rounds of ammunition. it would also outlaw the transfer, possession, or importation of high capacity gun magazines from now on. house minority leader nancy pelosi of california says it is gaining support after the tragedy in connecticut. make sure you stay right here with ktvu for all of the coverage about the connecticut school shooting. coming up at 6:45 we will go back live to newtown, connecticut. we'll hear the latest on what is complicating the investigation to find out what was the motive of the gunman and also how one family is dealing with lo
barbara boxer from california calling on the congress to act on the fiscal cliff. -- senator barbara boxer. >> we can sit here and watch what is happening. we know that there are negotiations going on to avert at least part of the fiscal cliff. i want to say, and i have said this privately and publicly that i really hope our leaders can find a way out of this. i watched the president's speech today and i thought, as usual, he was very fair in what he said. what he basically said it is it is the middle class who grows this economy, the middle class needs to be lifted up, the middle class to cannot afford the tax hikes down those at the very top can give just a little bit more. it is a very simple point. i just would hope, given that everyone says it is not about class, and i know they say that every day on the other side of the aisle. finding this compromise will not be inclusive but will come to pass. . you you know, i have been here for a while. my understanding is we have not met between -- christmas and new years since 1962. it takes something of major proportion to make that happen. we
a few hours of searching, police found nothing. >>> meanwhile u.s. senator barbara boxer has just announced legislation aimed at increasing safety at the nation's schools. she is one of many lawmakers across the country reacting to the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. >>> traffic's jammed, weather is cold, details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,, >>> good morning. breaks south 101 as you work your way out of marin county. delays there, no delays though toward the golden gate bridge. and westbound 80 just past 580 looks like reports of an accident blocking lanes. slow-and-go and metering lights are on at the bay bridge. >> this is one of our coldest mornings of the year. in fact, temperatures today are nearly 10 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we got a freeze warning posted, especially on the north bay, santa rosa, 27 degrees. 28 in napa. 41 in san francisco. and about 38 degrees in oakland. by this afternoon, we are only going to warm up to the low to mid-50s. we will see sunshine. it's not going to last for long. the rain returns thursday through sunday. ,,,,,,,, >> over th
now is senator barbara boxer of california. senator boxer, thank you very much for being here. it's nice to have you here. >> thanks. >> president obama said this will not be just another washington commission whose ideas get pushed aside after months of study. what do you think is possible to achieve? >> first of all, i want to say that joe biden is a no-nonsense person who i had the privilege of working with the author of the violence against women act. he is as you said shepherded it through, senator feinstein's bill that banned the assault weapons. he created the cops program which we together worked to make sure that there were some grants to make schools safer through that cops program. so he is giving the job to a can-do person who is well loved in the senate and in the house. and i think this signals that this issue, as you say is going to be front and center. >> senator feinstein has been very overt about the idea that this is more doable than people think it is. obviously, there had been an attempt on an assault weapons ban, shepherded by then senator biden before senato
, the fiscal cliff. joining me now from capitol hill is democratic senator from california barbara boxer. senator boxer, thanks for hanging with us. >> oh, yes, yes. >> a lot to talk about. let's first, of course, talk with the gun question. i think the headline out of that was the fact the president said i want this commissi i want rec january. this is not your typical washington commission. in other words, he intends to see action and reform and he intends to see it soon. >> yes, it's more of an action task force that's going to come forward and say, this is what we need to keep our children safe, this is what we need to keep our streets safe, and hopefully, there will be a range of recommendations how we get mental health help to those who need it, how we get weapons of war off the street, in the meantime, how do we keep our children safe. you know, there are 300 million guns out there in america, enough for every citizen practically. and, you know, any legislation is not going to really address getting those guns back, so in the meantime, what i want to make sure happens while we wor
webcast last night, senator barbara boxer moments ago she delivered this statement on capitol hill. take a listen. >> our teachers now have to become policemen? and they have to be in a situation where they're going to make judgments, they're going to be in a situation where a problem student could grab a -- police, this is not going to make our school safer. >> republican lawmaker goldie in tennessee plans to introduce a bill to arm and train its state teachers. rick perry has spoken out on this, bob mcdonald voicing his support to look into this type of training. is this really a proposed solution to gun violence in school? is the answer more guns? and putting our teachers basically in war zones of school cams? >> it truly isn't. i attended a high school that had heightened security through a metal detector before we went into school every day and armed security officer on our campus. but that was a trained armed security officer. that was his job. we can't ask teachers to be educators, to be social workers and to be members of law enforcement as well. and to tell you the truth, teache
senators who are in cycle and whose races already tough next year, barbara boxer of california and majority leader senator reid from nevada. both won re-election in 2010. over a year later, in march 2011, bright source still had no loan. ceo woolard sent an e-mail to jonathan silva who was energy director of the energy department's loan guarantee program. he was responsible for making sure that these loans went through. woolard wanted silva to draft, to review a draft e-mail that jon bryson, who was chairman of the board of bright source energy, was planning to send to william daley who was then-chief of staff to president obama at the white house. quote, and this is from the e-mail: either e-mail or call when you can with suggestions, woolard wrote. the e-mail stated, quote: the white house needs to focus on finalizing the loan guarantee for what would be the largest solar/thermal project in the world. bright source energy's ivan power project was conditionally approved more than a year ago and is in the final stages of being completed. we need a commitment from the white house to quarterb
will follow the president's advice and all the things to keep us safe. >> and barbara boxer. >> whoever said this is not the right time, i say this -- when is the right time? >> and house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> it's very complicated but we can get the job done. >> since the shooting on friday, the leading gun rights organizations, nra has not publicly commented. but an nra news conference is scheduled for friday. president says she ready. >> the nra is an organization that has members who are mothers and fathers. >> reporter: the shooting in connecticut has set the scene for rules change with regard to gun controls. more about the depth of the debate once the national rifle association holds a news conference this friday. >> larry: man who used to be a prison guard will head up the prison system. governor brown appointed jeffrey beard to the position. he has advised the state and used to run the prison system in pennsylvania. he still needs to be confirmed by the senate. >> russian parliament voted to ban the adoption of adoption of russian children. it seeks to punish russian citi
school security. coming up in about a half hour, california senator barbara boxer will talk about new legislation that would strengthen school security by giving new resources and tools to help secure schools. we'll bring you the senator's news conference. that comes your way in about one-half hour. >>> talks to avoid the fiscal cliff will go on again today as republicans try to figure out if they have enough votes for their plan "b" to pass. house speaker john boehner offering higher tax rates to millionaires while they talk about a broader deal. the white house is rejecting boehner's plan saying a comprehensive plan and not a partial step is needed. >>> as i told you, this morning president obama is set to make an announcement on how he plans to tackle the issue of gun control in this country. but the question is, will it make a difference? here's former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands. >> a symbol, perhaps, of gun violence because we all remember the tragic shooting that wo
. you have barbara boxer saying they should be the national guard at schools. i'm surprised she would say that. what she is saying is gun free zones don't work. she is a liberal and i am beginning to think, wow, we are making headway. i want to talk about gun control and mental health and security. we never did that before, right? >> i don't know. >> which is why i have a feeling this task force may be different. there is a chance because people are talking about it in a way i never experienced. >> i keep hearing about are we moving toward this and i hate to cliche national conversation. where we can really have a debate and we can best find an example on another network. >> i honestly don't understand why people would be victims of a crime than be able to defend themselves. it is incomprehensible. >> that is -- that is as a liberal who knows that he has a slam dunk because there is a tragedy. he doesn't have to respond with any kind of facts whatsoever. >> british people and guns are just -- they don't mings. they don't mix. the way they speak. >> i love pierce morgan. he introduced
. >> reporter: today, senator barbara boxer is suggesting a different route, beefing up school security. >> what it would do, it would help schools use the existing cops program to provide schools with more resources to install tip
: senator barbara boxer introduced two new bills today, the school safety enhancements acts would fund things like tip lines, surveillance equipment and secured entrances at schools, and federal agencies would work together to develop new school safety guidelines. the second bill would allow the federal government to reimburse governors who want to use national guard troops to help secure schools. >> we have to do more than talk because we've talked before. we've cried before. we've lamented before. so we have to act. >> reporter: president obama said this morning he is ready to act. >> the fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing. >> reporter: he is naming vice president joe biden to lead a new task force to offer concrete proposals to curb gun violence. >> this is a team that has a very specific task, to pull together real reforms right now. >> reporter: he wants the proposals no later than january and says he will then push legislation without delay and he says stricter gun laws alone are not the answer. there's also a push to examine mental hea
floor speeches from barbara boxer, joe manchin, and kay bailey hutchinson. >> the majority leader is recognized. i was glad to hear that republicans have taken their demand for social security benefit cuts off the table. it should never have >> they should never have been on the table to begin with. at 11:00 in the morning. i certainly hope >> next, republican senator john thune. >> thank you. i will first of all thank both of my colleagues for the diligent work -- they have committed themselves to this work and i appreciate it. mr. president, i rise today frustrated, embarrassed, and angry. it is absolutely inexcusable that all of us find ourselves in this place at this time, standing on the floor of the senate in front of the american >> thank you for the update. midafternoon today, senator john thune spoke with reporters on where things stand on the fiscal cliff. >> where do things stand as far as a republican deal? >> republicans advanced a proposal last night and you heard senator mcconnell talk about it on the floor. we're still waiting for a counteroffer. there was an indic
. >>> in just a few hours senator barbara boxer will introduce new legislation aimed at improving security at schools. the bill is also in response to the tragedy in connecticut where 20 children and six adults were killed last friday. senator boxer's office says her new legislation would provide state and local offices with new resources to strengthen security on school campuses. >>> also later this morning house democrats will call for a passage of the bill banning assault magazines. magazines for more than ten rounds of ammunition would be prohibited. the bill has gained support in the wake of the connecticut tragedy and democrats will call for a vote this week. >>> time now 5:38. the national rifle association will be holding what is called a major news conference on friday. they say they are prepared to offer meaningful contributions to the debate about gun control. in the first statement from the nra since the connecticut school shooting the nra says and i'm quoting in part the national rifle association of america is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters and we a
of american gun owners are responsible. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >> today senator barbara boxer introduced two many new bills. provide state and local officials with resources to protect students. one would allow them to add secured entrances. it would allow governors to use federal money to pay for national guard groups. >>> senator diane feinstein is outraged at scenes of torture. she along with two other senators say the interrogation scenes that involve torture are grossly inaccurate and misleading. they sent a letter to sony insisting that the scenes of water boarding are based on fictional narrative. the movie is set to be released next month. it's already being mentioned as a strong oscar contend per. >> they've been called a noisy nuisance. how one bay area man inspired his hometown. >> standing guard, how one northern california marine saw the shooting in connecticut as a call to duty. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and
. >> today senator barbara boxer introduced two many new bills. provide state and local officials with resources to protect students. one would allow them to add secured entrances. it would allow governors to use federal money to pay for national guard groups. >>> senator diane feinstein is outraged at scenes of torture. she along with two other senators say the interrogation scenes that involve torture are grossly inaccurate and misleading. they sent a letter to sony insisting that the scenes of water boarding are based on fictional narrative. the movie is set to be released next month. it's already being mentioned as a strong oscar contend per. >> they've been called a noisy nuisance. how one bay area man inspired his hometown. >> standing guard, how >>> connecticuting coverage now of last friday's school massacre in connecticut. today family and friends said good-bye to four more children and two brave adults. the victims who were laid to rest today ea is doing and why the media has been asked to stay away. >> reporter: processions of sorrow for victims of the sandy hook school
and barbara boxer, both arguing that people who make $250,000 are not rich. so basically, the house republicans have taken the democratic plan on revenue. on spending, however, there is a new definition. white house today attacked house republicans for not cutting and obama has no intention of and no plan to significantly reduce the growth of government or reign in, entitlement at all. republicans know. that by the way, look at details of the obama plan. a lot of "savings" are projected reduction in interest on the national debt. that is not real. that is phony. they haven't moved an inch. >> bret: to your point about the democrats and what they said before, senator mcconnell mentioned that the plan "b" came out about the million dollars and up. and he talked about it on the floor today. in the summer of 2010, senator schumer said, "first, i don't know a single one of my colleagues who wouldn't prefer to do tax breaks for people up to $1 million. that is my understanding that that is essentially the proposal that the house of representatives sent over to us later in the week. >> bre
here where people who are for guns like larry and see people like barbara boxer are coming together about the idea of protecting schools. and that maybe the idea of a gun-free zone is ridiculous. we saw the newspaper that printed people's addresses what that did is angered people who didn't have guns who are now seen as vulnerable. wait a second, i want people to think i have a gun. isn't it there is a common ground here where we can decide officers, more officers in school? protect our kids the way we protect pierce morgan at cnn most antigun guy around who is surrounded by security. >> trained police officers like our soldiers and police military to have the guns. not your every day american, you know, because i think the real problem is actually it's the gun lobbists people like larry pratt candidly. >> greg: larry, you are evil. >> you are not evil, larry. the challenge is that most of these associations actually represent gun manufacturers not gun owners. when you look at even the great majority of. >> welcome to send us a check. >> when you look at the great majority the polls
to put guns in to to put guns in. >> and even barbara boxer suggested guards and the president should have said i leave it up to the states and localities to figure out what's best for them. >> isn't it true this america wants something that will work, demonstrably work, is that not the case. >> i think that's the case and also what you see is washington, including president obama and congress, they are like kids playing soccer, they go to whichever ball is next and don't look at the bigger picture. there was a gun-- a terrible shooting, now they want to do gun control. they have some-- it's from one thing to the next and rather than a bigger picture and dealing with things. >> and mark this the beginning of the end of the n.r.a. as a big tougher-- >> their approval. >> like the unions. >> and no, no, a lot higher than that. >> i repeat, still ahead on "the five." >> so, these are chicken wings. >> wow, minnesota or wisconsin, one or the other. >> music, ♪ i'm singing forever. >> i'm so glad i could introduce this. one of the great things about "the five" is all the fun they have at
pelosi and senator barbara boxer and supervisor glory molina. >> would you go back into elected office? >> there is a lot of issues i care about -- health care, health care disparities, environmental justice, that is a big issue and will continue to be until we look at how we can regulate - >> you would probably take on some of these causes? >> i would hope so. obviously, i care about immigration reform. the president worked on helping the young children. i went to school with a lot of those types of individuals and continued to see many of them who are our brightest stars, who are educated and want to be so much a part of the american dream. just because they don't have a paper that says they are here legitimately, most don't know any other country, this is their home. >> we have some students and they will ask questions later. as a bit of advice for high- school teenage kids to want to work at the white house or would like to be in the president's cabinet sunday, what do you say to them? what is important for them to remember? >> volunteer, get involved in your community, i mean that
want us to do. yes, they do. >>> senator barbara boxerer is urging for compromise. there is not a lot of signs of it on capitol hill right now. democrats and republicans are unable to make a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. let's get political insight on the recent setback on the fiscal cliff discussions. i'm joined by richard good stein and robert trainm. a former communications director for rick santorum. talks have broken down for the moment. what do you think is going on behind closed doors right now on capitol hill? >> i think a lot more is going on than we know. i think the staff as well as perhaps maybe leader mcconnell and vice president biden and the administration are probably trying to hammer out some type of a deal here. i know there is consternation about the chain cpi. the president said even though this is unpopular i am willing to talk a little bit about chain cpi. now that the president said this let's talk about this and try to compromise here. >> there have been several phone conversations today between senator reid and president obama. what is your take on the white
on september 11 attacks in the u.s. consulate benghazi, libya. that is followed by senator barbara boxer in two gun-control measures she plans to introduce. after that, represented diana decant and carolyn mccarthy touched by a booster in gun laws. >> our first experience was to come in a different way from other families out there. probably will never happen in history. we went in and took a picture he was behind the desk and not that we didn't get to move into the white house because he so unexpectedly left their daughter's then son-in-law to pack all of their clothes and belongings. it literally took seven or eight days. we had to go back to our little house in alexandria, virginia in suburbia, you know, the neighborhoods around the base euchre service. we been living there. his dad was vice president. that night, his mom was cooking dinner. [laughter] utterly we were cooking dinner and she looks over and says jerry, something is wrong here. [laughter] aegis became president of the united states and i'm still cooking. >> senator daniel nla died at the age of 88. in world war ii matter of hon
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